Friday, 12 September 2014

Visiting Artist Teachers from My Youth

Judy and Me

Before taking off to New Jersey, USA for a family visit, I made a list of things I wanted to see and do in order to make the most of my time.

One of the things on my list was to contact two art teachers that helped me grow as a person as well as an artist.  The first day of my stay I decided to call Judy Scull, my high school art teacher.  I had not seen her for several years.  We had become friends on Facebook so she knew about my new paintings.  I was excited to tell her all about my plans while visiting and the preparation of new ideas.  Her and her husband had my son and me over for lunch the next day.  It was such a nice time.  We saw their art collection and pond, my son played with their dogs, and we had a chance to catch up on who's doing what from my high school class mates!

I knew that I wanted to also get in touch with Elsie Donaghay, the art teacher that I took private lessons with as a child as well.  One day I stopped by her house.  She was out doing yard work and I was so glad that she recognized me.  We hadn't been in contact for about 15 years.  She still gives lessons at her house which is still the wonderful place that I remember.  She told stories about me to my son when I was his age painting in her studio.  It was great to see her again and be able to spend some time with her.

Elsie and Me
  I am looking forward to seeing them both again when I go home at Christmas.

I was happy to see that the press release about my June exhibition had finally been posted in my hometown local paper.  I had tried for two previous shows.  I wanted to surprise my parents, let people back home know that I was painting and exhibiting again, and acknowledge Judy and Elsie for all their support.  I think that also writing about visiting my former teachers on this trip became the neighborhood connection that helped get it published for the June exhibition.

Vineland Daily Journal, July 30, 2014


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