Thursday, 26 September 2013

Creating a place to record and to share

Back in May 2013, I was sent to do a course in Pisa called "Artist Teacher Workshop" by La Vigna Art Studios in order to rejuvenate the artist hidden within this increasingly heavy art teacher shell.  The course was wonderful.  Heather McReynolds was so inspiring, encouraging, and generous with her knowledge.  This experience shared with the three artist teachers who are working in Denmark has changed how I see myself as a teacher but more importantly how I want to rediscover myself as an artist.

I have been thinking about ways of how to keep the energy felt while on the workshop alive.  This blog is one way that I intend to record the steps I take to stay artistically productive and where I will share images of the art works when they are completed.  Producing my own art is vital to me feeling complete and strengthens my confidence in teaching.  I am an artist; always have been and always will be.  Passively allowing life, as wonderful as it has been, to keep me away from my own creativity is something that I am now determined to actively change.  Even the small steps are worth taking. 



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