Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Artist Teacher Workshop in Pisa with Heather McReynolds was so inspiring.

One of the most inspiring elements of the workshop was being encouraged to be a visitor and to allow oneself the time to enjoy being fresh in a new environment ready to sit and draw!  Back in 1992 and 1993 I first came to Europe and did two European Rail tours.  The people I travelled with were really patient and understanding with me taking time to do the drawings.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed making those sketches and then reviewing them at the end of the day.

In Pisa, I took time for myself and sketched.  This became part of my personal task.  I did pencil drawings, watercolour paintings, ink wash drawings.  It was challenging.  It had been a long time.  I was already looking forward to this because of reading about the personal task that would be set for the workshop.  While packing I think I took about two hours just sorting my pencil bag.  I can not remember how long I took cleaning out my precious Pelikan Fountain Pen.

I also had something that I did not have in the 90's; an iPad.  This was great for taking photos and then drawing from.  It was also great listening to Paul Simon in the morning when I was getting ready before breakfast.  The photos I have from there on the iPad play as a screen saver on the television when I play music through the Apple TV.  It is neat to see the captured moments scroll by.

What an entrance way upon arrival.  You can imagine the excitement.
This was the view outside my room.  What you can not see is the chicken coops below, so hence the mosquito net on the window.  Waking to the crow of the rooster was a delight.

This was a beautiful drive way that I just happened to pass on my way into town before dinner on the first evening.  There was the most lovely smell in the air and I was grateful my allergies did not kick in.

Video: ARTIST TEACHER WORKSHOP - La Vigna Art Studios 

This video was created from our session in late May, 2013.  The safe, rejuvenating, and creative atmosphere that Heather McReynolds arranges for the Artist Teacher Workshop is very apparent in this video.

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