Sunday, 20 October 2013

Being a Visitor at Home

Allowing myself to enjoy being a visitor was one of the tasks I set myself after the artist teacher workshop.  I am proud to say that I took the time to sit and do some sketches and watercolours even while I was visiting my parents in New Jersey, USA over the summer.  This is something that I had never done before.  It was quite fun.

The first trip I made was down to Fortescue.  I sat on the edge of the road and sketched a house up on stilts while my son explored the beach with my old metal detector.  It was not easy.  I can not get over how difficult it is to get the placement of the house fixtures correct.  I gave up trying to fit in everything correctly after a while.  I knew my son would get bored sooner or later and I wanted to try to get some colour in the drawing.

On the 4th of July I was able to get away and drove, with my old Chevy pick-up, to Landis Ave. in Vineland.  I parked and sat across the street from a set of three buildings that were fixed up quite nicely.  The colours and moulding were attractive.  I struggled with the same issues as in Fortescue but it seemed to work out a bit better.  If only I did not have to get back in time for the fireworks, I could have finished the piece.  I think I will work on it again from the photos I took.

It was a great summer to ride around in my 1965 Chevy Pick-up Truck.  A highlight of the trip was putting it into an antique car show.  There were amazing cars and a bit of time to start a sketch!  I tried some conte crayons and pastels.  I was quite pleased with the result of this drawing of the back corner of my truck.

There were some hot days in August and my son loves to swim.  Looking into Parvin State Park was a pleasant surprise.  We had a really good time biking and swimming in the lake.  This building near the lake had recently been renovated and housed the snack shop.  As my son was swimming I was busy with pastels trying to capture the likeness of this building.

 The drawings are not great but the experience was wonderful.  Taking time to just sit and draw was so rewarding.  It didn't matter how accomplished they were because I was just happy to be doing them.  I need to get out and do sketches of Leipzig now.  The weather will soon be getting cold so I better hurry up!

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